Festival of Archaeology

Festival of Archaeology

15-30 July, 2023 The Festival incorporates hundreds of in-person and virtual events delivered by community groups, heritage organisations, universities, commercial units, and more in-person and online across the UK. The theme for the 2023 festival is Archaeology and Creativity: celebrating the creative process at the heart of archaeology and exploring the creative practices that we …

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Gilwern Common

New Angles on Old Sites

Julian Ravest, addressing an audience of over 100, spoke about the use of drones in the photography of archaeological sites. The speaker briefly described the early history of aerial photography showing how the key concepts had been developed in the early years of the 20th century, huge strides being made during WW1. In particular, using …

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The Geology of Radnorshire

Radnorshire Society Lecture Friday 19 October 2018 The Geology of Radnorshire by Dr Joe Botting 8.00 p.m: Village Hall, Llanddewi Ystradenni Admission free – all welcome

15th-century manuscript illustration depicting Roger Mortimer and Queen Isabella in the foreground. Background: Hugh Despenser the Younger on the scaffold, being emasculated.

The Mortimers and Radnorshire

Philip Hume, Secretary of the Mortimer History Society, started by giving a general overview of the genealogy of powerful Mortimer family and the way in which their power derived from some changing political and family relationships, In particular, the family married into the royal family and actually ruled the country for a short period.  Both …

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