Because of coronavirus our programme

will be under constant review

Annual Subscriptions

Now for some good news: at last year’s AGM the decision was made to increase our annual subscriptions. Since the Executive Committee have no power to overrule an AGM decision, this must remain the formal position.  However, in the light of this year’s unprecedented pandemic which has caused our events and activities to be so curtailed, the Executive Committee has decided not to enforce this increase for the coming year for existing members.  There is, therefore no need to change any standing orders immediately and membership fees will be collected as in previous years.

Library closed until further notice

Unfortunately the Library has had to be closed again.  When we eventually re-open you might like to know that the library has been deep-cleaned, and the water pressure for the wash basin taps has been restored. New rules (see: Covid-19 Library Rules) have been introduced to keep us all safe, and you will need to register your attendance in the spreadsheet on the desktop PC.

Notes and Queries:  New Pages on Website

Our Secretary, Elizabeth Newman, has compiled a set of Notes and Queries which has been sent out to members whose email address we hold.

Issue 1 is HERE

Issue 2 is HERE

Issue 3 is HERE

Issue 4 is HERE

I am sure you have been keeping in touch with the rapidly developing situation and the risks that are entailed by spread of coronavirus infection.

We are keeping the other meetings in our programme under review and will be making announcements shortly both by email to those whose addresses we have, and on this website.

We will keep you informed.

Meanwhile take care and stay safe,


The following message was sent out by email to members regarding the Mortimer conference:

Dear Members,

We have been monitoring events regarding coronavirus and the possible impact on the joint Radnorshire Society/Mortimer History Society conference scheduled for 16th May. As you know circumstances are evolving rapidly and the events of the last two days mean that we now have to make decisions. Particularly in light of Sunday morning’s announcement that it is almost certain that in the next couple of weeks the Government will require all over-70s and vulnerable people to be isolated for probably up to three months.

Reluctantly, given how much people are looking forward to the conference and the amount of preparation work that has already been done, we have come to the conclusion that we need to cancel the scheduled date of 16th May 2020 and re-arrange it for 15th May 2021. The main aspects that we have taken into consideration are:

– the health and safety of our members and non-members who would wish to attend the conference;

– a requirement for over-70s and vulnerable people to be isolated would significantly reduce attendance; and possibly three of the speakers would not be able to attend;

– given the speed at which events are evolving there is an extremely strong likelihood that we would be required to cancel the conference anyway, so better to do so now (particularly for people who have already made arrangements for travel and accommodation);

– we would normally be starting now to heavily publicise and promote the conference. But that is clearly not appropriate in the current climate, further reducing the chances of holding a successful conference;

– given the existing commitments of both the Radnorshire Society and the Mortimer History Society later in the year, the most straight forward thing to do is to postpone the conference to 15th May 2021.

If you have already booked your place at the conference, your booking automatically remains in place for the new date. You can of course cancel your booking and obtain a refund if you wish to do so. A message will be sent out via TicketSource.

We are very sorry to disappoint people. Just this morning one of our members commented: ‘I’m sure we’ll get through this if we all put common sense, kindness and compassion first!’ We very much look forward to normal service resuming.

Welcome to The Radnorshire Society

The Radnorshire Society, established in 1930, is concerned with the archaeology and history of the historic county of Radnorshire (now part of Powys).

We welcome new members, whether they live in Radnorshire or further afield.  Benefits of membership include access to our Archive and Library, a copy of the current year’s Radnorshire Society Transactions, plus lectures and field visits to local sites of interest.

An Executive Committee manages a programme of public lectures and excursions, oversees the running of the Society’s local history library, (including its important archive of Radnorshire related material), and deals with a wide range of enquiries from correspondents world-wide.

The Field section is the research arm of the society. It organises a separate programme of talks, research, and field trips, and also publishes an annual illustrated newsletter.

The Transactions of the Society is issued annually in a bound volume and is an important scholarly publication incorporating academic research and archive material.

Radnorshire from Above by Chris Musson

The Society has just reprinted Radnorshire from Above by Chris Musson, one of the pioneers of the application of aerial photography to archaeology.  This superb book is a celebration of the history, archaeology and landscapes of Radnorshire as seen from the air. This highly popular and acclaimed book has been out of print since its first printing rapidly sold out in early 2014.  It is lavishly filled with amazing and beautiful photographs accompanied by Chris’s informative and authoritative text.  The stunning images of traces still visible in the landscape show the county’s history spanning over 4,000 years.

Click here for more details

Radnorshire Society Facebook Page

The Radnorshire Society has just started a Facebook page to showcase views, news, observations and any other information on the history and culture of Radnorshire. This is an open forum so all input is encouraged, not only from Society members but from everyone who has an interest in this old county. Other societies with a common aim are also welcome to post information of their Radnorshire activities.

A few posts have already been posted and we hope over time that this will expand significantly as the Page becomes more widely known. This is your Page – drop in and join the conversation.  Bookmark it, tag your friends, share it and like it: 👍


Archive and Library

Thanks to the great work by Lloyd Lewis and the Librarian Brian Matthews and many others, the Society’s Archive and Library continues to develop as a centre for research into the history of Radnorshire.  The Society’s extensive collection of books, documents and photographs are available to researchers and the curious.  The work of cataloguing the growing collection continues and ensures that it is readily available in appropriate surroundings and is easily searched.  Society members and others are encouraged to visit Dolmynach House and see for themselves.  There is a wealth of information for everyone with an interest in Radnorshire history. The Library and Archive is open Tuesday mornings or by special appointment.

See our Library page for more details.

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