The Radnorshire Society Archive


The Society Archive is housed in Dolmynach House.  It is not limited to records of the Society but has a wide collection of other material related to the history of Radnorshire.  Its large collection of documents has, for example, benefited from the donation of unique research material and correspondence of noted historians of the County.  The historic postcard collection spans over 100 years and is notable for the images of landmarks, landscapes and people recording changes over that period.

The extensive photographic collection held by the Society provides a more personal view of Radnorshire life and covers a wide range of topics. Examples of a few of these topics can be accessed from the links below.   These images are all taken from the Watkins collection of photographs.

The creation of a detailed cataloguing of the Archive, its documents, postcards, photographs, pamphlets, leaflets, maps etc, is a significant on-going project of the Society.  The overall objective is to compile a completed catalogue which will be available on this website.

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Photographs in the Archive