Radnorshire’s Lost Church – excavating Capel Maelog

Capel Maelog

Friday. May 26, 2023

A talk by Bill Brittnell

The foundations of the small parochial church and its associated enclosure and cemetery in Llandrindod Wells were extensively excavated between 1984 and 1987. The first evidence of activity is represented by a sub-rectangular enclosure of 4th- to 5th-century date, with other elusive evidence of activity in the 6th to 9th centuries, possibly of a domestic or agricultural nature.

A small cemetery dating to a period between the 9th to 12th centuries, but most probably to the late 9th and 12th centuries, was immediately superseded by a simple two-cell stone church, apparently set out with regard to features within the early cemetery. Apses were added to the E. and W. ends in the 13th century, and the church remained of this plan until its abandonment in about the early 16th century.