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New Angles on Old Sites


Julian Ravest, addressing an audience of over 100, spoke about the use of drones in the photography of archaeological sites. The speaker briefly described the early history of aerial photography [...]

New Angles on Old Sites2018-12-10T13:39:55+00:00

The Mortimers and Radnorshire


Philip Hume, Secretary of the Mortimer History Society, started by giving a general overview of the genealogy of powerful Mortimer family and the way in which their power derived from [...]

The Mortimers and Radnorshire2021-06-26T12:15:51+01:00

James Watt, Father and Son


The Radnorshire Society held their first lecture of the year on Friday April 13 at Doldowlod House, when the speaker was Julian Gibson-Watt, his lecture was entitled “James Watt, father [...]

James Watt, Father and Son2018-05-25T11:09:52+01:00

Decoding Radnorshire Churches


( Image above is of St Anno Llananno screen) On the 21st of April, Angus Kaye gave a talk to The Society about his on-going Radnorshire Churches and historic Chapels [...]

Decoding Radnorshire Churches2017-05-10T11:28:04+01:00

Military Flyers of Radnorshire


The first lecture of the year took place on Thursday 14 April 2016 at Llanddewi Village Hall. The speaker, Mr. Phillip Jones, focussed his talk on the period 1915 [...]

Military Flyers of Radnorshire2017-03-18T11:06:44+00:00
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