Please bring hardy footwear and clothing for the outdoor meetings. All Sunday meetings and excursions are followed by tea and cakes, for which there will be asked either a charge or donation.

Field Section Chairman: Mike Reynolds

Field Section Secretary: Elsa Harflett (01597 860894)

Editors Field Section Newsletter: Dave and Elaine Blackman (01544 350268)

Field Section 2020 Programme

Field Section events are available only to members of the Field Section

Tea will be available at meetings

Note that Pre-booking with Field Section Secretary is needed at some venues to provide estimates for catering.

Because of coronavirus our programme

will be under constant review

POSTPONED: March 29, Sunday: 2:00pm

Elan Valley historic sites walk led by Vic Pardoe and David James. Meeting point to be confirmed.

POSTPONED: April 5, Sunday: 12:30pm for 1.00pm

Field Section Annual Lunch at the Metropole Hotel

Guest speaker Mrs. Marian Harris (Author of The Dulas Valley Victory). £18 pp. Booking essential.

POSTPONED: May 2, Saturday: 2:00pm

Llandrindod Museum to look at the medieval log boat, then walk with Vic Pardoe to view the site of the discovery of the boat.

POSTPONED: June 15, Monday: 10:30am Day trip to Kington

Visit Hergest Court. To be joined at 2:00pm by rest of Society to visit Hergest Croft to view the Hergest Trust Archives with tour of garden.

POSTPONED: July 10, Friday: 6.00pm

Field Section Summer Picnic at Knucklas Castle Community Land Project.

POSTPONED: August 16, Sunday: 2:00pm

Archaeological visit to Castell Collen.

POSTPONED: September 6, Sunday: 2:00pm

Pales Quaker Meeting House.

Talk by Peter Hussey: History of the Pales, Pales Peace Choir. Optional visit to the quarry to look at the fossils.

POSTPONED: October 4, Sunday: 2:00pm

Meet at Boughrood Church to view the Dead House and Church, and a possible walk around the village.

POSTPONED: October 2 Friday: 7:00pm Painscastle Village Hall


Followed by Bob Fowke talk, (see Lecture Programme)

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