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Hill Farming: Change and Continuity


Sorcha Lewis spoke to a meeting of the Radnorshire Society on 18 May 2017 on hill farming in the beautiful Claerwen and Elan Valleys. Sorcha and her husband farm in the Elan valley where his family have farmed for generations. Sorcha’s intimate knowledge and love of the valleys also stems from her role as a Ranger, and until 2013, as Head Ranger for the valleys. Throughout her talk, Sorcha emphasised the connections between farms and the families who worked on them and the landscape we see today. The coming of the dams and modern technologies have made a huge impact on the working methods but the underlying farming year remains the same. The year still starts with the gathering of sheep off the hills. This is a job in [...]

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Decoding Radnorshire Churches


( Image above is of St Anno Llananno screen) On the 21st of April, Angus Kaye gave a talk to The Society about his on-going Radnorshire Churches and historic Chapels study. Angus is a retired architect, who worked at Powys CC between 1974 and 1988 and is now involved in the preservation of buildings of architectural and historic interest. Angus summarises his talk as follows: This quote of John Betjeman in First and Last Loves is a good starting point. “The Royal Institute of British Architects was founded in 1837. Henceforth the interest in architecture shifts from regional style and builders to individuals.” Whilst appreciating the value of research into individual architects and the classification of building styles and details is informative, I think that a greater focus should [...]

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Radnorshire’s Lost Gem: the Mid Wales Railway


The second meeting of the year was held on May 20th 2016 at the Old School, Cwmdeuddwr, near Rhayader. The speaker was the Society's Hon. Sec., Dr. Colin Hughes, and he took the sizeable audience of members and friends on a visual and fact-finding journey of this now defunct railway line from north to south; with illustrations of the different stations and halts, signal boxes, railway crossing gates, various types of bridges, and the Marteg and Rhayader tunnels. He also showed photos of engines belching smoke and steam as old as from 1898, and he described them as living, breathing, beings. The Mid Wales line, started in 1864 by Cambrian Railways, ran from Llanidloes, via Llangurig, Rhayader, Newbridge, and Builth to Three Cocks; a total length of 50 [...]

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Military Flyers of Radnorshire


The first lecture of the year took place on Thursday 14 April 2016 at Llanddewi Village Hall. The speaker, Mr. Phillip Jones, focussed his talk on the period 1915 to 1950, when sixty-five prospective flyers left the small county of Radnorshire to fly in the Royal Flying Corps ( later the Royal Air Force) for the experiences and excitement of early flying. Mr Jones detailed some of the brothers, sons, and uncles of various Radnorshire families who went off to fly - either as bomber pilots, to instruct, or save lives; it being almost unbelievable that such a large number took part from a county as small as Radnorshire. He showed images of several Radnorshire airmen and not surprisingly gave the almost inevitable fact that most of these [...]

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