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The following prizes have been awarded by the Radnorshire Society for articles submitted to the annual
Transactions of the Radnorshire Society.
The prizes are intended to encourage and reward good writing, and to show-case Radnorshire.

?250 Roy Fenn Prize for an article making a special contribution to the understanding of Radnorshire history and culture
awarded to Dai Hawkins for his translations of Ffransis G Payne's 'Crwydro Sir Faesyfed/Exploring Radnorshire'.
?100 prize for an article by a new contributor: awarded to Bronwen Curnow for 'Reporting the Building of the ElanValley Dams'.

?100 discretionary prize:
awarded to Marion Loeffler for 'The Arcadia of Britain: Iolo Morganwg and Radnorshire'.

Contents of Transactions Volumes 68 (1998) to83 (2013)

Please note that all the Transactions, except those of the past five years, have now been digitised,

and can be accessed online at


Volume 83 (2013)

Charmley, Gerard, 'Frank Edwards (1852-1927): 'The debonair and popular member for Radnorshire': Part Two', pp.27-41.

Hughes, Colin P F, 'A School in a Toll-house: Education in Llanfihangel Rhydithon', pp.43-54.

Hamilton, Craig, 'Paradise Regained: A brief essay on the finding and making of Coed Mawr in Radnorshire', pp.55-66.

Breeze, Andrew, ''Ornesta' and the Hereford Map', pp.67-69.

Hawkins, Dai, 'The History of the Welsh Language in Radnorshire' 1000-2000 AD: Part One', pp.71-84.

Andrews, Chris, 'Bringing the Bling back to Rhayader', pp.85-95.

Hughes, Geraint M H, 'The Changing Character of Radnorshire Clergy', pp.97-107.

Slater, Fred, 'The Changing Natural History of Radnorshire: Perception, reality and discovery', pp.109-124.

Breeze, Andrew, 'King Arthur and Dr Padel'(review), pp.125-127.

Breeze, Andrew, 'The Ancient Stones of Wales' (review), pp.128-130.

Brown, Helen Cosis, 'Five Years in the Welsh Hills' (review), pp.131-133.

Kenyon, Judith, 'Radnorshire from Above'(review), pp.134-136.

Parker, Keith, 'Radnorshire Taxes in the Reign of Henry VIII' (review), pp.137-138.

Turner, Daphne, ''The Soul of the Land': The art of photography' (review), p.139-141.


Volume 82 (2012)

Charmley, Gerard, 'Frank Edwards (1852-1927): 'The debonair and popular member for Radnorshire': Part One', pp.29-42.

Berkeley, Michael, 'From Flint to Shale', pp.43-50.

Payne, Ifan, 'Thomas Jones the Artist by Ffransis G Payne: Part Two', pp.51-72.

Gill, Margaret A V, 'A Note on the Bell in Holy Trinity Church, Betws Clyro', pp.73-78.

Shannon, Richard: 'The Virtues of Unheroic Government: The counterfactual case for Sir George Cornewall Lewis: Part Two', pp.79-90.

Livingston, Michael, 'Hatfield's Mystery Source for the Battle of Bryn Glas', pp.91-94.

Rees, Richard Rhys, 'The London Dams that Never Came to Wales', pp.95-110.

Breeze, Andrew, 'Kilvert's 'Tree on which the Devil Hung his Mother'', pp.111-112.

Yewlett, Hilary, 'Walter Meredith (c.1558-1607): Scrivener of Radnorshire and London', pp.113-132.

Hughes, Colin P F, 'The History of a Radnorshire Border Town' (review), pp.133-136.

Hawkins, Dai, 'A Dragon with Two Tongues' (review), pp.137-140.


Volume 81 (2011)

Best, Sue: 'Y Glob Byw ' The Willow Globe: The Mid Wales Shakespeare Centre, Penlanole, Llanwrthwl', pp.25-38.

Hughes, Colin P F: 'Glascwm Council School: One of the most isolated in the county', pp.39-51.

James, Duncan: 'Whitehall, Presteigne: A lost ceiling recovered', pp.53-60.

Loeffler, Marion: 'The Arcadia of Britain: Iolo Morganwg and Radnorshire', pp.61-76.

Owen, Morfydd E: 'A Fifteenth Century Law-book from Cefnllys', pp.77-93.

Parker, Keith: 'The Radnorshire Gentry in the Nineteenth Century', pp.95-106.

Payne, Ifan: 'Thomas Jones the Artist by Ffransis G Payne: Part One', pp.107-118.

Shannon, Richard: 'The Virtues of Unheroic Government: The counterfactual case for Sir George Cornewall Lewis: Part One', pp.119-135.

Shannon, Richard: 'Politics in Nineteenth Century Radnorshire', pp.137-140.


Volume 80 (2010)

Stephenson, David: 'Llywelyn Fawr, the Mortimers and Cwmhir Abbey: the Politics of Monastic Rebuilding', pp.29-41.

Barrett, Clive: 'The Early Years of Football in Llandrindod Wells (1883-1911)', pp.43-56.

Curnow, Bronwen: 'Reporting the Building of the Elan Valley Dams', pp.57-70.

Yewlett, Hilary Lloyd: 'In Peril on the Sea: The Captivity Experience of Two Early Modern Radnorshire Migrants', pp.71-82.

Page, Anna: 'The Radnorshire Quarter Sessions, 1773-1873', pp.83-98.

Readhead, Michael: 'Puritans in Charge at Presteigne', pp.99-102.

Evans, E D: 'Robert Price (1653-1733) and his Radnorshire Associations', pp.103-111.

Hughes, Colin P F: 'Education in the Edw Valley and the Mystery of the School that Never Was', pp.113-124.

Seymour, M C: 'The Will of Dame Perynne Clanvowe', pp.125-130.

Payne, Ifan: 'Two Essay by Ffransis G Payne', pp.131-146.

Jones, Julian: 'The Radnorshire Wildlife Trust', pp.147-152.

Turner, Daphne: 'Hidden Histories', pp.153-154.

Davies, Frances Jones: 'Welsh Apples', pp.155-157.

Turner, Daphne: 'Welsh Art and Architecture', pp.158-162.


Volume 79 (2009)

Hawkins, Dai (Dafydd y Garth): 'Ffransis Payne: Exploring Radnorshire: Part Two', pp.23-191.


Volume 78 (2008)

Hawkins, Dai (Dafydd y Garth): 'Ffransis Payne: Exploring Radnorshire: Part One', pp.23-208.


Volume 77 (2007)

Gill, MAV: 'Three documents', pp.28-50.
Conradi, Peter J: 'Seers and remembrancers', pp.51-67.
Jones, Terry and Ereira Alan: 'Terry Jones's great map mystery', pp.68-82.
Wheeler, Richard: 'The late-medival rood-screen and rood-loft at Llananno, pp.83-132.
Roose-Evans, James: 'The Bleddfa centre for the creative spirit', pp.133-143.
Binding, Paul: 'A stubborn landscape', pp.144-149.
Shannon, Richard: 'A tolerable life', pp.150-157.
Fenn, RWD: 'Houses and history', pp.158-163.


Volume 76 (2006)

Williams, D H: 'Letters from the front: ninety years on', pp.32-65
Gill, MAV: 'A survey of floor-tiles in the churches of Radnorshire', pp.66-75
Gill, MAV: 'Concerning some early Radnorshire bell-ringers', pp.76-87
Breeze, A: 'Two Arthurian sites in Historia Brittonum', 88-97
Rees, J: 'Seed-time of genius: Shelley in Radnorshire', pp.98-110
Parker, K: 'The Radnorshire cottagers controversy', pp.111-128
Priestley, S & Shurety, N: 'A report on the excavation at Scottleton Street, Presteigne', pp.129-143
Lewis, S: 'A resort of the common people in great troops', 144-167 


Volume 75 (2005)

Conradi, P: 'Iris Murdoch and Wales' pp. 26-34
Seymour, MC: 'Sir John Clanvowe 1341 -1391' pp. 35-58
Williams, M: 'Sufferings and Openings' pp. 100-114
Deakins, RM: 'Agriculture in Radnorshire in World War II and After' pp. 115-132
Parker, K: 'The Sale of Crown Lands in Radnorshire' pp. 151-173


Volume 74 (2004)

Haycock, M: 'The Scholarship and Creativity of Ffransis G Payne' pp. 24 - 49
Botting, J P & Muir, LA: 'The Fossil History of the Builth Inlier: Insights from a Classic Area' pp. 50 - 84
Gill, MAV: 'Flowers in a Changing Landscape: A survey of Vascular Plants in the Dolyhir/Strinds Quarries Estate pp. 127-150
Jones, NW: 'Prehistoric Funerary and Ritual Monuments in Radnorshire' pp. 151-168
Parker, K: 'Radnorshire and the New Poor Law to circa 1850' pp. 169-198


Volume 73 (2003)

Sumner, A: 'Thomas Jones - A Bicentenary Year of Celebration' pp.21-33
Ashton, J: 'The Italian Account Book of Thomas Jones the Artist' pp.34-50
Fenn, RWD: 'An address to Commemorate the Bicentenary of the Death of Thomas Jones' pp. 51-56
Gill, MAV: 'A Survey of Floor-Tiles in the Churches of Radnorshire: Part III: Gazetteer of Churches' pp. 57-112
Silvester, RJ & Hankinson, R: 'Clas, Church and Village at Glasbury' pp. 113-126
Parker, K: 'Parlimentary Enclosure in Radnorshire' pp. 127-147
Sutton, MD & Silvester Dereck J, Briggs, DEG, Silvester, David J: 'The Herefordshire Lagerstatte: A Fossil Deposit of International Importance' pp. 148-162
Williams, DH: 'A Clerical Son of Radnorshire: The Reverend Thomas Howel Evans and his Family' pp. 163-192
Faraday, MA: 'Radnorshire Lay Subsidy Assessment for 1544' pp. 193-194


Volume 72 (2002)

Gill MAV: 'A survey of floor-tiles in the churches of Radnorshire: Parts I and II' pp.26-83.
Fenn, RWD; Fenn, ACW and Sinclair, JB: 'Radnorshire: some polite perceptions of its landscape', pp.84-120.
Banks, WL: 'Three houses on one estate', pp.121-138.
Parker, K: 'Radnorshire and the Old Poor Law, c.1800-1836', pp.139-49.
Ridyard, GW: 'Denys Corbett Wilson', pp.150-159.
Cole, S: 'Some nineteenth-century letters concerning the postal system in Radnorshire', 160-66.


Volume 71 (2001)

Gill, MAV: 'Scheduled Ancient Monument R100 (SO 192417): The Cross-Slab in St Meilig's Church, Llowes pp.19-55.
Gill, MAV: 'The Parish Church of St Cynidr & St Peter at Glasbury-on-Wye: Bells and Bell-Frames', pp.56-81.
Cave, M: 'A Hundred Years of the Wishlade Family', pp.82-103.
Williams, DH: 'A Faithful Vicar of St Harmon: The Reverend Jonah Bowen Evans, BD', pp.104-140.
Fenn, RWD and Sinclair, JB: 'Diserth Parish Church', pp.141-167.
Breeze , A: 'The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle for 1053 and the killing of Rhys ap Rhydderch', pp.168-9.


Volume 70 (2000)

Fenn, RWD: 'Anthony Powell, CBE, MA, DLITT 1905-2000', pp.12-14.
Fenn, RWD: 'The character of early Christianity in Radnorshire', pp.15-46.
Oliver, RCB: 'Jonathan Williams and his History of Radnorshire', pp.47-57.
Drage, G: 'The Flemish tapestry Presteign church', pp.58-60.
Howse, WH: 'The last royal visit to Radnor castle', pp.61-2.
Bufton, RP: 'Radnorshire fauna', pp.63-6.
Newman, CW: 'The tale of a boat', pp.67-77.
Noble, F: 'The traditional lore of school children in eastern Radnorshire recorded at Knighton county secondary school 1952-3', pp.78-80.
Ashton, J: 'The "discovering" of Thomas Jones, 1742-1803', p.81.
Davies, DS: 'Extract from the diaries and account book of Thomas Jones, Pencerrig', pp.81-110.
Oliver, RCB: 'Pencerrig house at the top of the rocks', pp.110-123.
Ashton, J: 'The revaluation of Thomas Jones the artist, of Pencerrig', pp.123-4.
Barker, JR and Ridyard, GW: 'The library of the Radnorshire Society', pp.125-150.


Volume 69 (1999)

Ashton, J: 'Miss Gwen Eadie 1907-1999', p.7.
Macpherson, T: 'A measure of grace: Quakers in Radnorshire', pp.8-33.
Banks, WL: 'Gardening in the age of William Robinson: Hergest Croft, Kington, 1896-1910', pp.34-47.
Gill, MAV: Flora from a corner of Radnorshire [VC43/SO13]', pp.48-106.
Thompson, T: 'Agriculture and change in a nineteenth century Radnorshire valley', pp.107-115.
Williams, DH: 'Stephen William Williams: The archaeologist and soldier: The man and his family', pp.116-142.
Fenn, RWD & Sinclair, JB: 'Geology and the border squires', pp.143-172.
Breeze, A: 'Cefnllys and the Hereford map', TRS 69, pp.173-5.
Breeze, A: 'The name of Hergest, near Kington', pp.176-7.
Price, BM: 'Worcester house, Llandrindod Wells', pp.178-180.


Volume 68 (1998)

Schmidt, K von: 'James Barnes of Presteign', pp.15-33.
Baskerville, N de Bar: 'A matter of pedigree: the family and arms of Dr John Dee baptised in wine', pp.34-52.
Parker, K: 'Mid-17th century Radnorshire reconsidered', pp.53-63.
Gill, MAV: 'Victorian floor tiles from the parish churches of the Wye valley group', pp.64-95.
Hughes, R: 'A village with two names: the names of Gladestry', pp.96-104.
Fenn, RWD & Sinclair, JB: ' "Radnorshire to her most distinguished son" Sir George Cornewall Lewis 1806-1863', pp.105-138.
Reid, G: 'The Powys digital history project: archives, local studies and the new technology', pp.139-150.